7 things you must know about hair extensions

Hair extensions – the answer to, “How are you able to manage new hairstyles every day?!” 

They are gorgeous, fun, easy-to-use, and easily available and yet, many people stay oblivious to Remy hair extensions. In fact, funny myths are doing the rounds that are totally bogus, to say the least. 

In this article, we aim at helping you understand the world of hair extensions so that you do not let misconceptions cloud your decision-making process. So, here’s all that you must know about them:

The best hair extensions are made with 100% human hair

You may find yourself getting attracted to synthetic hair extensions because of their price tag. Yes, they are inexpensive but that’s pretty much the only advantage. They aren’t long-lasting and you can’t style them the way you want to. Plus, the quality dwindles within a month or so, forcing you to buy new bundles.

Human hair extensions

Human virgin hair extensions, on the other hand, are of the highest quality because they are human. You can play with them just like your real hair and style or color them according to your preferences. Plus, they last for at least a year.

There is no such thing as Brazilian hair

We were first amused when we saw Brazilian hair being advertised because we thought someone was playing a prank! Then, we were outraged because we realized that buyers were being cheated and sold cheap hair with fancy names.

Since then, we have tired ourselves out by repeating the same thing: there’s no such thing as Brazilian hair! India and China are the biggest exporters of hair and the best hair comes from India! Brazilians have shown little to no interest in selling their hair.

So, next time you see someone selling Brazilian hair, please beware. It is a trap!

Hair from Indian temples is the best hair

Temple Hair

In India, people offer their hair in temples as a sacrifice to God. This hair is collected, treated, and conditioned to create hair extensions. Because it is a religious sentiment, people take excellent care of their hair before the sacrifice. So, it is of the highest quality.

Hair extensions do not damage real hair

We understand that you are scared about damaging your real hair. But, that shouldn’t stop you from buying virgin hair extensions because good quality extensions cause no damage whatsoever! Take invisible clip-in extensions and real hair tape-in extensions for example. They are super easy to apply and remove! It is the same with natural hair ponytail extensions as well!

Take it from the experts. Good extensions will never damage your hair. Their job is to enhance your look and they will do just that! 

Virgin hair extensions do not tangle

Indian Remy hair goes through multiple processes of cleaning, sorting, and conditioning, and stringent quality checks. This gives them a number of excellent qualities including resistance to tangling.

Unprocessed Hair

You just need to pay some attention to them and care for them just like you would care for your real hair, and that’s it. 

Bonus: Excellent virgin hair extensions do not shed either!

Hair extensions don’t give headaches

Many people are under the impression that the added weight of extensions causes headaches. We realize it will be a new feeling in the beginning but by no means will it cause pain unless you have a very sensitive scalp.

Tip: Once you buy your preferred hair extensions, first learn how to wear them correctly. For example, wear your Remy clip-in hair extensions slightly lower from the scalp. That will avoid any discomfort.

There are several types of hair extensions

Let’s just go out there and declare – whatever your choice and need may be, there are extensions for you! Here are some examples:

  1.   Invisible clip-in extensions
  2.   Real hair tape-in extensions
  3.   Natural hair ponytail extensions
  4.   Keratin bonded extensions
  5.   360 lace frontal closures
  6.   Machine weft hair bundles

Learn about each of them and get the ones best suited to your styling needs.

We hope we have erased all your doubts about hair extensions. Now, it’s time to start shopping and be the diva that you always dreamt of being!



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