Amazing 360 frontal hairstyles that you must try!

Oh, the 360 lace frontal closure! What an amazing creation! It is the perfect answer to flawless, voluminous, and natural looking hair. That’s why we are not surprised at all that the ear to ear closure has been trending for a long time now and is showing no sign of fading away.

If you have already ordered your 360 lace frontal closure or are planning on doing so, we suggest that you look into hairstyles that you can with your brand new Remy hair extensions. The greatest news is that there’s absolutely no limit to the possibilities. The lace front closure with sew in gives you just as many options as real hair because it is extremely versatile. It gives you the freedom to part from the middle or the side based on your preferences. You don’t get this flexibility with regular weaves.

Indian hair 360 frontal

Whether you like it long or short, open or tied, straight or curled, the 360 lace frontal closure is your best friend. All that you need is some direction and a few ideas. That’s where we come in! So that you have fun styling your virgin hair extensions and changing your looks as and when you want, we compiled a list of 360 lace frontal closure hairstyles that you MUST TRY! Let’s get started!

Wear it up in a bun

Simple, easy, and quick, this is the most comfortable 360 lace frontal closure hairstyle to ace the gym look. It is the perfect choice if you have very long hair that needs to behave while you are sweating it on the treadmill. 

Two French braids!

Now, who doesn’t love super-cute French braids? They are great for an everyday look and for school. All you have to do is part your 360 lace frontal closure from the middle and start braiding to the back on each side. Within a few minutes, you will have a totally cool lace front closure with sew in hairstyle. 

On a totally different but not unrelated note, French braids are said to have originated in Africa! We wonder why the French are getting credit for them, though. :D

Rock the pigtails!

If you are feeling particularly cute and would like to look that way, go for pigtails, we say!

Pigtails are not just for the little ones anymore. It is a 360 lace frontal closure hairstyle that many women are rocking nowadays. Be a part of that trend and wear your hair up in the cutest pigtails ever.

You could also try a slight variation with your pigtails if you think the original is boring. Instead of tying it, you can just take a portion of it for the pigtail and wear it up. The rest can be left open. This is a superb option for a casual day out in great, breezy weather.

Go the sleek way  

Many celebrities wear their hair in a classy, sleek fashion. It is a slicked look that styles the hair away from the face and onto the back.

However, this 360 lace frontal closure hairstyle may take some time to achieve and may not look nice if you don’t do it properly. That’s why we recommend that you either have a stylist help you if you aren’t sure or leave it out. We have many other good hairstyles with virgin hair extensions in our arsenal for you.

Get a princess hairdo

Your 360 lace frontal closure is perfectly capable of helping you look like a princess. So, if you want an ear to ear closure hairstyle for a special occasion, you can totally try a halo braid with your lace front closure with sew in. 

There are two ways for you to try – a complete halo braid that runs a full circle, tying up all your hair or half a halo braid that leaves a portion of your hair open. We love both the hairdos but we recommend that you choose whatever suits you the best. 

Another thing to note here is that unless you are a 360 lace frontal closure hairstyle expert, this look will take time. Head over to a professional stylist so that you don’t go through unnecessary hassle!

Go high with the ponytail!

We have indeed saved the best for the last! You can never, ever go wrong with a high ponytail and your 360 lace frontal closure will help you wear it like a pro. 

You may have heard or experienced that a high ponytail with Remy hair extensions is very difficult unless, of course, you have ponytail hair extensions specifically. The 360 lace frontal closure erases this difficulty, enabling you to wear a lovely, natural-looking high ponytail with no fear. 

You could also wear a high ponytail to one side for a fresh new look or you could use only a section of your hair for the ponytail and leave the rest open.

Still here? Buy your new Remy hair extensions and try different 360 lace frontal closure hairstyles now!


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