Busted! Brazilian hair is just a marketing gimmick!

 Where there is too much demand, there is most likely a scam.

The human hair trade is one of the largest industries today with a turnaround of billions of dollars. It is extremely lucrative because of the instant makeover it can give you, regardless of your style needs. Plus, it really helped human hair vendors when celebrities openly confirmed that their made-in-heaven ponytail or their sleek, extra-long hair is thanks to seamless tape in hair extensions!

Now, when you run a quick Google search, you will see hundreds of results revolving around Brazilian hair or Mongolian hair or even raw hair procured from Peru. Due to the sheer volume of results, you may end up thinking that this is your best choice. Indeed, the marketing is so amazing that many stylistas out there have fallen prey hopelessly to them. That’s why we are here to bust a few myths and reveal the truth.

What is the hoopla around Brazilian hair, really?

raw indian hair bundles

The reason is quite simple. Brazilian women are considered to be among the most beautiful women on earth. So, it is quite a realistic assumption that their hair would be just as beautiful. The moment someone thinks about Brazilian women or hair, they think about breathtaking flawlessness. This is the weakness that advertisers play on and sell their Brazilian hair bundles.

However, if you give it a serious thought, you will realize that this is hokum. Brazilian women care much more about their beauty than the rest of us and their culture itself does not encourage shaving of the head. You will rarely find any Brazilian bald women. That’s why it is almost impossible to procure real Brazilian hair bundles for seamless tape in hair extensions (or any other hair extensions for that matter). Even if, in a best-case scenario, Brazilian hair could be procured, it would never be enough to meet the incredible demand.

So where does Brazilian hair actually come from?

Brazilian hair extensions are nothing but raw Indian hair bundles. Around 99% of all the total hair donated is Indian. Indians donate their hair in temples as a religious sacrifice. While the Sri Venkateswara Temple in South India receives the maximum number of hair donations (~20,000 per day), there are many other temples as well where millions of devotees get their heads tonsured. All these raw Indian hair bundles are collected, separated, processed, and then sold as Indian hair weave bundles.

In short, Brazilian hair is nothing but Indian hair with an exotic ring to it. Many vendors, a few from Brazil as well, import raw Indian hair bundles and use softeners to increase the softness and sell it as Brazilian hair.

Besides India, Chinese women also donate their hair but the volume is not even close to what one can expect from India. Indonesia and Bangladesh are also in the same boat. India is the largest source by an extremely great margin. If you hear otherwise, you should know that it is a hoax.

Is this common knowledge?

Shockingly, yes. Brazilian women and all distributors know about this scam. But, due to the absence of strict advertising policies and the naivety of women across the globe, distributors take advantage and make big money. The same holds true for Mongolian hair, Malaysian hair, and Moroccan hair. These are almost always raw Indian hair bundles being sold under fancy names after chemical treatment.

What should you look for instead?

Seamless tape in extensions that are of the highest quality tend to be expensive. Thus, getting cheated due to gimmicks is heart-breaking. But, now that you are clear about the non-existence of Brazilian hair bundles, you won’t have to worry about this. Look for raw Indian hair bundle deals instead.   

With some research you can easily find the best virgin Indian hair bundles. These are raw, unprocessed, and of high quality. They are also safer, more natural-looking, and long-lasting, giving you value for money. Make sure you only buy these. There are multiple trustworthy distributors out there that you can trust in this regard but we would recommend an Indian distributor who can answer all your questions about Indian hair weave bundles easily. When you ask questions, you will understand how much a seller knows and whether or not he/she is trying to fool you. 

Another thing to note here is that raw Indian hair bundles are only available in 3 natural textures: straight, wavy, and curvy. To get other textures, the best Indian virgin hair bundles go through processing. After this, you get various curls. Chemical treatment, we are sure you know, can weaken the integrity of the hair. That is why you should go for sellers who offer steamed textured bundles. These textures include kinky, loose curl, loose wave, body wave, Barbados, kinky straight, purple passion, and many more. 


Next time you see a distributor promising Brazilian or Mongolian or Malaysian hair, you know what to do – steer clear! Look for excellent raw Indian hair bundle deals online, compare the options you find, and make your choice accordingly. All this is only a one-time process. After going through it, you will know exactly whom to trust for your beautiful raw Indian hair bundles. Remember – you deserve the best!



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