Busted – Common myths about hair extensions

Hair extensions are counted among the most fashionable inventions of all time. However, they aren’t devoid of misconceptions.

Every now and then we hear people talk about their worries and why they think Remy hair extensions are a bad idea. We completely understand these concerns but most of them are have no truth attached to them. That is why we decided to write this article.

Here, we shall speak about the most common myths about hair extensions today so that none of these comes in the way of you giving yourself a stunning makeover.

Let’s get started.

Myth 1: They are meant only for those who have less hair

While we can safely declare that virgin hair extensions are a boon for those with less hair, we must enunciate that they serve more purposes than that.

Hair extensions are suitable for anyone looking to spruce up their style or change the way they wear their hair based on the occasion. For example, wrap around ponytail extensions will strengthen your ponytail game to Ariana Grande level! Now, who doesn’t dream of that? Not just this. You can completely transform your look for a special day or party. Color your hair however you want to without worrying about chemicals damaging your hair, boost the volume with 2 or 3 bundles of invisible clip-in hair extensions, or play with the length of your hair to your heart’s content!

Hair extensions give you endless styling possibilities. Try them and see for yourself!

Myth 2: They are expensive

Virgin Remy hair extensions come at a cost but they are of the highest quality and last long. In fact, you could see them as a one-time purchase because the bundles can last for over a year with ease! This is why, even though the initial price tag may seem high, they are actually a great investment.

If you choose cheap options, on the other hand, they will wear out within a couple of months, forcing you to buy more bundles. That will sum up quite significantly and probably even cross the one-time cost of good extensions.

Thus, we emphasize that virgin hair extensions are a healthy investment and not really as expensive as rumors suggest, especially in the long run.

Myth 3: They are painful and uncomfortable

This is by far one of the most common myths and we are happy to report that it is just that - a myth. We would suggest that you immediately stop worrying about discomfort and pain because the best Remy hair extensions cause neither!

The truth is that ponytail and invisible clip-in hair extensions cause no pain and aren’t uncomfortable at all. However, since you feel at least 200 grams of extra hair on your head, it may feel new and different in the beginning. Once your head adjusts to the weight, it will feel perfectly normal. Also, if you are getting a stylist to apply the keratin or real hair tape in extensions, be sure to go to a professional. The application usually causes pain only when done incorrectly.

Myth 4: They damage your natural hair

We fathom how this can be a huge concern. Imagine buying your favorite hair extensions and realizing later that your natural hair is ruined! We won’t lie to you. Hair damage has occurred but it is rarely due to the Remy hair extensions themselves. Hair damage, like pain, is a result of incorrect application. So, again, remember to choose a good stylist!

Myth 5: They are easily noticeable

What if someone recognizes that you are wearing virgin hair extensions? What if you are dancing at a party and they just fall off? That’s real fear right there.

The good news, though, is that these fears have come from a myth and there’s little to no truth attached to the myth. Good quality extensions blend seamlessly with natural hair. Plus, there are so many options that you will easily be able to find what you are looking for. You are free to go a little crazy and try different colors & textures or you can stick to your natural hair’s texture and pick exactly that!

What if they fall, you ask? When applied or worn correctly, no virgin Remy hair extensions will fall. You can take our word for it.

Myth 6: They are high maintenance

Hair extensions ask for nothing but good care. That doesn’t qualify as high maintenance, does it? Once you purchase virgin hair extensions, you just have to wash them and care for them according to instructions. This eliminates tangling and increases their longevity. We are positive that you do this for your natural hair anyway.

However, if the task of wearing hair extensions still feels tedious, you can always choose alternatives. As we mentioned earlier, you have many choices to pick from. So, if the glue of Keratin hair extensions causes you to frown, you can just go for the micro beading technique instead.

Bonus tip: Clip-in hair extensions are the best for those who prefer minimal to zero maintenance.

Myth 7: They prevent hair growth

Since some hair extensions are sewed in, people started believing that this hampers natural hair growth. They fear that the glue or the application process damages real hair.

Just like in the case of pain and discomfort, the stylist is the key here. A good stylist will apply the hair extensions properly and you won’t have to worry about natural hair growth. A bad or inexperienced stylist may make mistakes, causing real pain and many other problems.

Once you clear all these misconceptions from your mind you will realize that Remy hair extensions are a real steal and your real best friends when it comes to styling and looking your best!

Stop fearing. Start styling!

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