How to find the best wholesale raw Indian hair bundle deals

Hello! Looking for wholesale raw Indian hair bundle deals either for your business or for long-term personal use? We are delighted that you are here! 

When you buy in bulk, paying standard market prices for raw Indian hair bundles can be expensive. That is why wholesale is a perfect idea and we applaud you for heading in the right direction already.

Through this article, we will help you find the best wholesale dealers for the best virgin Indian hair bundles so that you don’t get cheated and end up with low quality bundles, thereby damaging your business and/or hair. The reason why we are stressing on this is that due to the overwhelming demand, many players have entered the market of Indian hair bundles with closure. It gets difficult to weed them out and choose only the good vendors because of their marketing gimmicks.

Having said that, a little industry knowledge and some careful reading will help you locate the best raw Indian hair bundle deals without fear.

Start on Google

While other websites that show you multiple dealers of raw Indian hair bundles with one search are appealing, they are often unfiltered. On these sites, you will almost never be able to identify the bad ones. Thus, it is safer to use Google instead. The process may seem comparatively slow, but it will also fetch you better results. Only the websites that take the care to use good keywords and upload good content appear on Google search. Thus, you can reduce the probability of being cheated considerably.

However, you will still come across vendors who sell low-quality hair. To eliminate this completely, we advise careful usage of keywords. Use specific keywords such as raw Indian hair bundle deals, Indian hair bundles with closure, and best virgin Indian hair bundle deals to get specific results. Vendors who do not have industry knowledge will not use these keywords. They generally rely on generic terms, helping you steer clear of them.

Shortlist and compare

Once you start seeing results, bookmark the websites that interest you. After you have 5-10 good ones, start comparing them. Go through the options, the prices, the reviews, etc. Conduct complete analysis. It will help you determine who you can trust.

Get in touch with the vendors

It is absolutely important that you speak to the wholesale raw Indian hair bundles vendors. This will help you understand their business and whether they are trustworthy. Ask industry-specific questions such as from where they procure the hair, whether they use chemicals for processing, how they make the bundles, the guarantee terms, and what options are available. Of course, price is an important factor, but it would be wrong to let one factor overshadow the rest. A cheap price tag is enticing only when the vendor meets all the other criteria.

Go through the website for the fine print too. Every reliable website for Indian hair bundles with closure will have a returns policy, shipping policy, exchange policy, payment terms, and shipping times for all visitors to go through. If you don’t see these on the website and if the vendor is hesitant to share this information with you, you should back out immediately.

Here, we invite you to trust your gut as well. Steering clear of substandard websites and non-responsive vendors will save you a lot of trouble.

Ask for samples

By the time you finish the previous step, you will have a good list of vendors offering wholesale raw Indian hair bundle deals. To clear off any risks or doubts about them and to finalize the vendor selling the best virgin Indian hair bundles, you can go ahead and ask samples. Some of you may be worried, but it is completely reasonable to ask for samples. A good vendor of raw Indian hair bundle deals will never turn you down.

Indian hair bundles

Pro tip: Even if you like the sample, don’t place a big order immediately. Start small and check the quality of the Indian hair bundles with closure. If the quality is still very good, you can go ahead with bulk orders. This is just another precautionary step to eliminate the chances of getting cheated. 

Why choose 1 Hair Stop?

  1. We offer only the highest quality of Indian hair bundles with closure
  2.  All our bundles have 100% virgin, Remy Indian hair
  3.  We do not use chemicals
  4.  We have clients across the globe
  5.  We offer samples
  6.  We offer attractive wholesale raw Indian hair bundle deals
Now that you know how to choose wholesale vendors offering attractive raw Indian hair bundle deals, we hope you don’t go wrong in your quest of sporting and selling gorgeous hair extensions. If you have any questions or if you would like to know more about buying wholesale Indian hair bundles with closure, please feel free to speak to us.



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