Human hair vs. Synthetic hair – Which hair extensions to choose and why

The gorgeous world of hair extensions is often punctuated with debates and discussions about various things. There are comparisons of types, styles, usage, sources, etc. leading to many differences in opinions.

However, one of the first things often debated is the type of hair extensions to choose. A cursory search for hair extensions gives two results: human Remy hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. You will also see many articles on each, bringing out their best but what there’s also the other side. There are cons that don’t come into the picture. Without being aware of them, though, you won’t be able to pick the best ones.

To help you with this, we decided to compare human hair and synthetic hair for you – the pros, the cons, everything. After going through the article, you will be able to identify which option to choose to buy your next set of invisible clip-in hair extensions or raw Indian temple hair bundles. Let’s get started!

Human hair extensions

Human hair, Indian Remy hair, in particular, is always in demand. Everyone from around the world wants to get their hands on Remy hair extensions from India. Why? Read on to find out:

  1. They give you a natural look: Since these extensions are made with human hair, they are as close to your real hair as extensions can get. This means that you won’t have to worry about being exposed or feeling embarrassed.
  2. They are long-lasting: Human virgin hair extensions last for at least 1 year with proper maintenance. In fact, extensions like real hair ponytail extensions can last for 2-3 years! That’s like an investment that you purchase once and forget about for a long time!
  3. They are heat-friendly: If you buy virgin hair extensions made from human hair, you will be able to style them according to your preferences. You can use styling appliances to style them however you want to. You can also color them! In other words, you don’t need to treat them any differently from your real hair.
  4. They are of much better quality: Premium Remy hair extensions are of excellent quality and will stay just as beautiful as the day you bought them, provided you take good care of them.

Now, before making up your mind, please allow us to walk you through the downsides of human Remy hair extensions:

  1. They tend to be expensive: Great quality always comes at a price and human hair extensions are no exception. You will need to spend extra money to buy them.
  2. They get frizzy in humidity or rain: Since human hair extensions are made of human hair, their properties are the same. Once you style them, if you expose them to humidity or rain, they will become frizzy just like your natural hair.

Synthetic hair extensions

Simply put, synthetic hair extensions are made using artificial hair. This type of hair is manufactured using chemicals and flexible plastic and molded to look like real human hair. They are also quite popular among buyers and you will soon find out why:

  1. They are inexpensive: The price tag is probably the biggest reason why people buy synthetic hair extensions. They are really quite affordable!
  2. They are easy to maintain: Once you style your hair extensions, they will not fall despite rain and humidity. This is because artificial hair has memory and can stay however you want it to.
  3. They are almost human-like: Synthetic hair is manufactured to resemble human hair and we must say, it seriously looks like human hair. . until it starts wearing out.

Just like before, let’s walk through the cons now:

  1. They don’t last long: The average lifespan of synthetic hair is 2 months. Some synthetic hair bundles last only a month. This means that even though they are inexpensive, they need to be purchased regularly.
  2. They cannot be styled: Synthetic hair does not do well with heat or color. In other words, you cannot style your hair or dye it. You have to use it exactly how it is.
  3. They are not natural: They can come close but the fact remains that they are not natural and could be differentiated upon closer inspection.

Let’s quickly put them beside each other and compare for clarity:


Human Remy hair extensions

Synthetic hair extensions


At least 1 year

1-3 months


High maintenance

Low maintenance




Styling options



Coloring options









Human hair vs. synthetic hair – the verdict

Our vote goes to human hair extensions, without a doubt. Synthetic hair extensions, despite being affordable, need to be frequently purchased. You also have only a few styling options to explore. Human virgin hair extensions, on the other hand, at a slightly higher price take away all the headaches and leave you with the responsibility of adequate care. This, you would do for your natural hair anyway!

If you are still worried about the price tag, look at it this way: human Remy hair extensions call for a one-time purchase. Synthetic hair extensions are like your bills. You have to pay up every month!

Now, it is all up to you! We hope you make the right choice. :)


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