Lace closure vs. Lace frontal – Which one do I need?

A lace closure hair piece and an ear to ear lace frontal - both complete your weave and help you look gorgeous. But, what is the difference between them?

When you enter the world of Remy hair extensions, you will see that there are quite a few options to explore. You will often come across closures and frontals, which are used for sew-in or bonded installations. They also work similarly to give a natural look without the need for blending. However, they are not the same. Before looking for the best human hair bundles, thus, it is important that you understand how a closure hair piece differs from an ear to ear lace frontal.

In this article, we shall discuss them separately and then compare them, ironing out all the important details. Let’s get started.

Lace closure

A lace closure hairpiece works to “close off” your weave or a particular style, which is why it is called a closure. It is typically 4 x 4 inches in size. However, these days smaller and larger closures are also quite easily available. A lace closure piece will not cover the entire head. It is placed on top of the hair in the horseshoe part. This closes the style and gives a natural look without the need for blending. A full head sew-in needs at least 3 raw Indian hair bundles.

Lace Closure

A lace closure hair piece may be made of silk or lace base, lace being the most popular choice. A silk base is, however, a good option too because they are more natural looking. Silk closures also have a bed of lace.

Lace closures are available in many different styles including three-part, free part, and middle part. Three-part closures let you part the hair in three different ways while the middle part closures only give you one option. Free part, as the name indicates, allow you to part your hair however you wish to. A free part closure hair piece is the best choice due to its versatility.

Advantages of a hair closure piece

  1. A lace hair closure piece needs very little maintenance.
  2. It helps you steer clear of hair damage.
  3. A closure hair piece blends in extremely well with natural hair
  4. You have the freedom to dye your closure based on your preferences.
  5. They are versatile in that you have the option to pick your favorite parting option. You can part them from the middle or the sides.

Ear to ear lace frontal

The ear to ear lace frontal is comparable to a wig that covers the entire hairline. A lace frontal is the perfect choice to complete your look because it closes the installation. You won’t need to bother about blending in this case either. Just as in the case of a closure hair piece, you need at least 3 raw human hair bundles to complete your look.

Lace frontal - ear to ear closure

An ear to ear lace frontal is usually 4 inches to the back and 13 inches across. It is extremely flexible, allowing you to try different hairstyles including holding the hair back. This is a significant advantage over a hair closure piece. You cannot hold closures back.

While shopping for an ear to ear lace frontal, you may come across a 360 lace frontal. You could call it the latest style or an upgraded version of lace frontals. A 360 lace frontal will hug your hairline and is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for a free part.

Advantages of an ear to ear lace frontal

  1. An ear to ear lace frontal is easy to install. It is also quite comfortable.
  2. You can try multiple different hairstyles with a 360 lace frontal including pulled back styles.
  3. You can easily mask hair loss along your hairline with an ear to ear lace frontal.
  4. Lace frontals give a natural look, covering the entire hairline.
  5. You don’t usually need more than 3 raw Indian hair bundles for lace frontals.

The differences between a hair closure piece and an ear to ear lace frontal

Now that you know what a closure and what a frontal is, let’s talk about the differences.

  1. Closures are usually 4x4 inches in size while frontals are 13 inches across and 4 inches to the back.
  2. Closures go in the crown’s middle while frontals go from ear to ear, covering the entire hairline.
  3. A closure hair piece needs to be sewn-in but an ear to ear lace frontal is bonded because it goes in front of the hairline. Frontals are sometimes sewn-in as well, depending on preference.
  4. Frontals are usually more expensive but you need fewer raw Indian hair bundles for frontals.

Which one to choose?

Between a hair closure piece and an ear to ear lace frontal, the right choice for you will depend on your preferences.

For example, if you would like to pull your hair back and try various hairstyles, a 360 lace frontal would be perfect. On the other hand, if you want a more natural look, especially for your scalp, a hair closure piece would be better.

Some people, in fact, choose both for an enhanced, complete, and stunning look. We recommend that you try a 360 lace frontal closure to see the difference yourself.

Time to go shopping!

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