Must-try Ombré hairstyles with invisible clip in hair extensions!

Gone are the days when great hairstyles were difficult and only a blessed few could pull them off. We live in the era of virgin hair extensions and these have opened up possibilities like never before! Today, whether you have long hair or short hair, you can buy Remy hair extensions and change your entire look within a few minutes!

In this article, we are helping those with black or dark brown hair so that they transform their look with some colorful Indian Remy hair extensions. They are easy, super fun, and mesmerizing!

Why choose virgin hair extensions over hair color?

The hair coloring process is time-consuming, complicated, and chemical-ridden. Remy hair extensions, on the other hand, are easy to install and do not damage your hair especially if you buy invisible clip in hair extensions or real hair tape in extensions. Virgin hair extensions from good vendors do not contain any synthetic hair. They are made from 100% human hair and go through strict quality checks before reaching you. Now, who wouldn’t prefer safety and versatility?

Different black Ombré styles only for you!

You can try the following styles with Remy hair extensions regardless of how long or short your hair is because Indian Remy hair extensions can add length and help you look flawless. Let’s get started then!

If you want to be subtle

Want to try something new without going all out? Check this section out!

Copper Ombré

Copper Ombré is your best friend if you love being subtle. Copper and black/black are a match made in heaven. They can help you make a statement without going over the top at all! Also, copper is quite close to brown. So, if you have naturally dark brown hair, copper accents will clean up your look and help you steal the show.

Brown Ombré

Those who have pitch black hair can try brown invisible clip in hair extensions. It is even more subtle than copper and will help you look natural and trendy at the same time. We advise you to buy Remy hair extensions such the brown is at the bottom, almost at the tips.

Blonde Ombré

ombre blonde invisible clip in hair extensions

Another excellent subtle option for you is blonde. Now, there are many different shades of blonde that you can choose from based on how bold you think you can be. Or, you could go for a transitional effect from black to blonde for a cool look. Many of our invisible clip-in hair extension buyers also like a black head with blonde virgin hair extensions at the bottom. We like both these looks equally because they are both just gorgeous!

If you want to fence with the line

The following colors of Remy hair extensions are for those who don’t mind getting a little bold.

Red Ombré

Red ombre clip in extensions

Try red with black! It is a show-stealer! So, if you love attention, you must try this highly contrasting pair. This combination suits both, curly and straight hair. The sky is truly the limit with this one!

Pink Ombré

 Pink ombre invisbile clip in hair extensions

If you are not really a fan of red, you could try its little cousin, pink. Pink, despite being a bright color, will give you a very cute look as opposed to the hot, fiery look that red promises. Make your pick based on the occasion or your personal preferences and buy the right invisible clip in hair extensions.

Blue Ombré

Blue ombre clip in extensions

How about blue and black? You can give yourself a hugely stylish makeover with blue virgin hair extensions. They are among the biggest trends at the moment and are sweeping the red carpet. Go on, don’t hesitate to be a part of this lovely trend!

Violet Ombré

Purple ombre clip in extensions

If you find gothic appealing, you should not overlook violet Remy hair extensions with black hair. The color will give you a lovely, mysterious look and you cannot go wrong with it.

If you want to go over the top

There’s only one answer to this: RAINBOW!

rainbow hair extensions

Rainbow Ombré is fun and just CRAZY! If a single color is too boring and if you don’t like blending in with anything at any point, this will help you cajole your inner creative person. Combine whichever colors of Remy hair extensions you like for this look and just go mad! You don’t need to go by a certain pattern. You can choose whatever you like!

We have all these colors and more at 1 Hair Stop. You can shop for your favorites and prepare for a makeover like never before. Go on then, shop now!

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