The biggest questions you must ask before buying tape-in hair extensions

Buying something for ourselves is always exciting but trying something for the first time can indeed be slightly daunting. This is why conducting adequate research before clicking the final Purchase button is the best thing to do. 

Real hair tape in extensions are quite the rage right now and everyone wants to grab them. The main reason behind this fame is the ease of installation and hassle-free usage. With the best tape-in extensions, you won’t have to worry about damage, insecure installation, and other such headaches. Also, unlike invisible clip in hair extensions, you don’t have to install them every morning. You can sleep with these Remy hair extensions and wake up without worrying about an added chore!

real hair tape in extensions

But – Yes, there’s a but – such convenience is possible only when you ask the right questions before buying the best tape-in extensions the market has to offer. This homework is also essential because not everyone has the same needs and expectations. Blonde tape in extensions may be the right choice for someone else but they may not suit you at all. Similarly, if you have fine hair, you may want tape in extensions for thin hair, specifically. You need to understand everything there is so that you are aware of such differences and options.  Let’s start then, without further ado.

Are they made of real hair?

human hair tape in extensions

The best tape in extensions are made of real hair. You have synthetic options as well, that looks quite natural but real hair tape in extensions are more reliable, more natural-looking, and long-lasting in many cases. 

What is the difference between Invisible clip in hair extensions and real hair tape in extensions?

Both these virgin hair extensions are easy to install and take care of. They are both hassle-free and convenient. The main difference, though, lies in their installation process. While invisible clip in hair extensions come with clips that need to be snapped in place, real hair tape in extensions come with tapes that need to be installed in a one-time process. So, you can actually choose between the two based on your preferences. 

Do you want to wear your Remy hair extensions every now and then or do you want them to blend in with your natural hair for a long time? Ask yourself this and you will have a clear answer.

Are they permanent?

Semi-permanent would be a better way to describe real hair tape in extensions. This is because they last for quite a while after application but the bonds can loosen over time. As the glue of the tape weakens, the bond starts weakening too. Soon enough, you will have to replace them with new virgin hair extensions.

Are they available in different textures and colors?

colored tape in extensions

Of course! All vendors who sell Remy hair extensions understand that different individuals have different textures and colors. For a natural look, you will definitely need real hair tape in extensions that blend in with your natural hair. This is why they offer various options. Brown, black, orange, red, and blonde tape in extensions are the most common colors. Natural wavy and natural straight are the most popular textures. However, if you have other needs, you can always talk to the supplier and make the best choice. 

P.S. They are available in different lengths too!

How do I install them?

tape in hair extensions installation

Effortlessly! Real hair tape in extensions are very easy to install. All you need is your new set of the best tape-in extensions and a fine-toothed comb. Section your hair horizontally, tape the Remy hair extensions in the area that you sectioned off, and let the real hair rest above the tape in. Tape-ins are usually 1-inch in width and are very flat. This is why they blend more easily and disappear among your real hair. Getting it done from a professional would be a better option since it does require precision so that it blends well with your natural hair.

How many tape-ins should I buy?

If you are looking for tape in extensions for thin hair, we suggest you choose 100 to 150 grams. If you don’t really need more volume but just a natural look, even 50 grams would be enough.

Is the glue or bond safe? Will it cause my hair to itch?

Yes, the bond is safe and no, it won’t cause problems. The only stipulation is that you choose a reliable vendor to buy your real hair tape in extensions. 1 Hair Stop provides silicon-free hair extensions that are damage-free and reusable for over a year. Our tape-ins are lightweight too, causing no stress to the scalp.

Having said that, especially if you are buying tape in extensions for thin hair, you should note that the volume and sudden addition of hair may cause some discomfort. This is totally normal because your head will take some time to adjust with the new hair.

Can I style my hair in different ways?

Oh, yes! You can try many hairstyles with your real hair tape in extensions. You could also speak to a professional stylist so that they decide the best look for you and install the virgin hair extensions accordingly.

How do I take care of them?

Love and pamper your real hair tape in extensions just like your real hair. Use only a broad comb to comb your hair. Remember to hold the roots while brushing, though. Otherwise, you may pull your Remy hair extensions and loosen the bond. 

We advise you not to use dry shampoo because it tends to build up and harm the scalp and bonds. Regular shampoo and conditioners will do the trick. Also, make sure oils, serums, and styling creams do not touch your real hair tape in extensions.

Real hair tape in extensions are one of the greatest blessings for those looking for a hassle-free style change. Now, we are sure, you are more familiar and confident about them. Don’t wait anymore. Grab your Remy hair extensions now!


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