The pros and cons of Keratin hair extensions

Keratin hair extensions are among the most popular types of virgin hair extensions all over the world, and for a good reason too! They have the potential to spruce up your look and help you feel fabulous, all day every day!

The best keratin bond extensions are made out of virgin Indian Remy hair. In other words, they consist of 100% human hair and can blend beautifully with your natural hair. However, before you put them in the Cart, we are sure you have questions about the pros and cons that you want answers to.

Are they really the best out there? Are they worth the price tag? Should you invest in them? A detailed look into both sides of the coin will help you find the answer. Let’s get started then!

The good things about keratin hair extensions

They can easily last for 6 months

With keratin hair extensions, you only have to go to the expert once. He/she will bond or glue them in, and after that, you are the master! For the next few months, you will enjoy extra volume and extra glam without a frown. You can treat these virgin hair extensions just like you would treat your regular hair. They won’t feel any different but you will definitely feel like a diva!

They are almost impossible to tell apart

Keratin bond extensions

Since they are virgin hair extensions made with 100% human hair and also since they are fused into your scalp, it is almost impossible to tell whether the strands are real or flat tip hair extensions! This means you don’t have to worry about awkwardness when you meet people. Whether it is at work or at a party, no one will be able to locate the bonds due to the intricacy involved in the application process.

You can customize them to your heart’s content!

Keratin bond extensions

With keratin hair extensions you have the freedom to express! You can choose bundles that match your hair color or you can color individual strands for highlights. The color will last just as well as it does on real hair. So, you don’t have to worry about wear and tear or any type of color bleeding. It’s all good with keratin bonds!

Maintenance costs are low

After the first hours that you spend with the professional or hair styling experts, you can actually forget about your flat tip hair extensions completely. You don’t need to keep visiting the salon for touch-ups or anything else. The hair will last for months without any hassle as long as you care for it like your natural hair.

Of course, if you want to add volume or go for a thicker look you can head to the salon for a few more strands of keratin bond extensions but that’s totally up to you. By default, maintenance costs are negligible.

The downsides of keratin bond extensions

They damage your natural hair

Keratin itip extensions

It is true that keratin hair extensions can damage real hair. However, if the application process is done correctly, the chances of damage and breakage are few. So, it mainly depends on the stylist you choose.

The application process takes time

Since they are applied strand by strand, the application process for keratin bond extensions can take around 2 hours. It is a tedious process during which you can’t do anything but wait for the expert to get done. That can cause discomfort and irritation after a while.

They are high maintenance when they grow out

While you can reuse keratin hair extensions if they are of extremely good quality, they may be high maintenance when they grow out. All other extensions such as invisible clip-in hair extensions, tape-in extensions, and ponytail extensions are reusable and do not pose this hindrance.

They are expensive

We spoke earlier that keratin hair extensions are low maintenance and only need a single application. While that takes care of maintenance costs, you should also be aware that the strands and the application process are expensive. Plus, when the time comes to remove them, you will have to visit the salon again, which just takes the cost higher. After a month or so, you might even want to add strands.

Also, you need an expert to do this job. So, there can’t be any kind of cost-cutting through a DIY process.

The application process requires heat

To apply keratin bond extensions, the bonds need to be melted and fused with the help of heat. Heat is usually not good for hair.

itip extensions

While speaking of heat, we would also like to advise you to be careful while straightening or curling your hair. The heat of these appliances is capable of melting the bonds and causing the keratin bond extensions to fall off. Many people consider this to be quite a hassle.

They cause pain and itching

Discomfort and pain are common side effects of these bonds because they require the usage of glue to apply and acetone to remove. Itching is relatively rare but it happens. The only way to avoid or minimize this is to be wise while choosing a professional. Select someone who has experience with fusion i-tips hair extensions and is known to do the job meticulously. Any lax will damage your hair because the application process needs heat.

So, while there’s a possibility of pain, you can avoid it by being wise in the beginning.

Want to enjoy the good without the bad?

If you really want to buy keratin hair extensions but are genuinely worried about its cons, we have great news for you. There’s an alternative that removes most of the downsides that we discussed above. Instead of bonds, you can go for microbeads. They give you the same results without the pain and hassle. You could also try tapes. They are also hassle-free.

itip extensions

Keratin hair extensions are a blessing when applied properly and taken care of but they are an old technique. Tape and microbeads are new, less damaging & pro-hair techniques for Indian Remy hair. Don’t hesitate to go for these fusion i-tips hair extensions. The result is well worth the effort.


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