Things you MUST know before getting a weave hair extensions online

Better safe than sorry. Always!

Buying a sew in weave with closure is a mega decision. You are all set to change the way you look and feel with beautiful Remy hair extensions. But, what if something goes wrong? What if you buy from the wrong hair weave online store and end up with bad hair that doesn’t suit you at all?

We understand that the fear is as real as fear can get. This is why we have come up with this guide, exclusively for you. We have tried to cover everything that you should keep in mind before buying your new sew in weave with closure for the first time, based on our experience. Let’s get started.

Remember – You always get what you pay for

An inexpensive sew in weave with closure is always enticing, especially if you are tight on funds (Hello there, college girls!) but we urge you not to fall prey to the attractive price tag. They are not value for money at all. Your aim must always be to buy weave hair extensions online that are made only of Indian Remy hair. Remy hair extensions are of the highest quality. Even though they seem expensive, they pay for themselves in the long run.

Remy hair extensions are made only out of natural hair, which is crucial for a natural look. A cheaper sew in weave with closure will be made of synthetic hair, most likely, and it may cause scalp issues during installation and afterwards. They also have the potential to damage your real hair. 

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Having said all this, we don’t mean that you should buy the most expensive Indian Remy hair extensions that the market has to offer. We only mean that you should prioritize quality, hair shape, and fashion preferences over the price.

Take excellent care of your natural hair

Before you buy weave hair extensions online, you must pay utmost attention to your natural locks. Shampoo them and deep condition them so that they are ready for the new sew in weave with closure. Why is this necessary, you ask? 

Granted that a good sew in weave with closure will cover your scalp and your natural hair but your hair will still produce oils and sebum. This tends to collect overtime. We are sure that you do not want to embark upon your new journey with Remy hair extensions with pre-collected sebum, dirt, and grime in your scalp. Not only is it gross, but it is also harmful. It tends to hinder natural hair growth and can cause multiple skin/scalp infections.

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Once you shampoo your hair, it is highly advisable that you also give it a little extra pampering with a deep conditioner. A hydrating, moisture-inducing conditioner will strengthen your hair and provide it with a lot of water. This is crucial because a sew in weave with closure can stress out your natural hair. Preparing it, thus, is always helpful!

Start your super-stringent hair care routine a few weeks before you intend to buy weave hair extensions online. A day before you get the sew in weave with closure, take extra care. We say, go to a spa! This will make your scalp and hair pristine, all set for the new Indian Remy hair extensions. 

CAUTION: The scalp is just as important as the hair. Do not forget to take very good care of it as well.

Experiment before you dye your weave

Dyeing your sew in weave with closure is slightly different from dyeing your natural hair. You may not get the same effect or look with your Remy hair extensions as you would with your real hair. This is why, we recommend that you take it slow and experiment a little before deciding to color the entire sew in weave with closure in one go. 

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You could start with just a few strands and work your way accordingly. Just take a few strands of your hair from any side and dye it with your preferred color. If you like how it looks, you can change your entire look. If you don’t, you could always try another color and find the right one for your lovely sew in weave with closure.

The only thing to remember while coloring your Remy hair extensions is to keep away from ammonia-heavy products. These can severely damage your sew in weave with closure.

Do not cheap out on the professional

A sew in weave with closure can be quite expensive and that’s why many people try cutting corners when it comes to installation. Installation is a tedious process that requires a certain amount of expertise. A novice or a friend cannot bring that experience to the table. Choose a good professional based on reviews and experience. Speak in advance so that you gain some more confidence and only then go for it. Also, under no circumstance should you let a friend or a relative do it (unless they are professionals themselves). YouTube can teach many things but not this.

Why are we stressing so much? Because wrongly installed Remy hair extensions have been known to cause itchiness, stress, hair loss, and even traction alopecia. 

We hope this guide helps you prepare well and make the best choice for your sew in weave with closure. If you have any doubts or concerns, please feel free to Comment. We are always happy to help!


Thanks for the tips about weaves online. My sister wants to get a weave. I’ll share this with her so she gets the right one.

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