What’s all this fuss about virgin hair?

Not many have heard of the word “virgin” being used in the context of hair, have they?

But, the moment you enter the magical world of hair extensions, that’s one of the most popular words you will hear. This is because virgin hair extensions are the most sought-after across the globe. Today, everyone wants extensions made only with virgin hair due to the popularity but many people don’t understand what that means. Due to lack of clarity, some buyers end up getting cheated. To ensure that you are not the next victim, we have come up with this article.

We are going to talk about virgin hair in detail here so that you don’t just learn how to identify it but also know what questions to ask before making a purchase. Let’s start!

What is virgin hair?

Simply put, virgin hair is unprocessed hair. It is “pure.”

Virgin hair is chemical-free and has never undergone any treatments such as dyeing, bleaches, perms, or harsh washes. It is hair in its natural form, untouched by anything that could harm it. This is why it is the highest quality of hair.

In a world where hairstyling is abundant, it is slightly difficult to find virgin hair. That is why virgin hair extensions tend to be expensive. However, thankfully, there are sources such as Indian temples from where we source the hair and sort it into virgin and non-virgin hair.

Why is virgin hair the best?

Hair that is in its natural form is strong. It has never had to face any harsh chemicals or treatments that could weaken it. Thus, by default, virgin hair extensions are also strong and long-lasting.

But, is that it? No. The icing on the cake is that virgin hair extensions give you the freedom to style and color them however you want to. This is not possible with non-virgin hair or synthetic hair.

Virgin hair extensions are practically an extension of your own hair. They need the same care and love. In return, you can have fun with them just like your natural hair!

Is it true that you should only buy hair from a single donor?

That’s not true at all. Multi-donor hair is just as good as single-donor hair. There are many rumors doing the rounds that you should only buy single-donor hair but that’s nothing more than a myth. Here’s the difference between them:

  1. Single donor hair: Hair sourced from a single person.
  2. Multi-donor hair: Hair sourced from multiple people. Hair of similar characteristics is brought together, steam-treated, and rolled into hair bundles.

More often than not one bundle is not enough. Also, not many people have 100 or 200 grams of hair. (Each bundle weighs 100 grams.) This is why we say that it is not practical to give you hair extensions from a single donor. Even if a bundle is from a single donor, you will need 2-3 bundles. They will each be from a different donor.

Is virgin and Remy hair the same?

The word “Remy” is often misused, leading to a lot of confusion and misunderstanding. So, what is Remy hair? Why must you buy virgin Remy hair extensions? Let’s find out:

Remy hair is hair with all cuticles intact and in the same direction and virgin hair is unprocessed hair.

Therefore, virgin Remy hair is unprocessed hair that has cuticles in one direction. This combination is hard to beat. There is no other type of hair that is better in quality than virgin Remy hair.

Is it really important to buy only Remy hair extensions?

Yes! The market has non-Remy hair and cuticle-free hair as well but we recommend neither.

In non-Remy hair bundles, the cuticles are aligned in opposite ways. They are harder to use and maintain, which is why they are termed as low-quality hair extensions.

What about cuticle-free hair, though? If there are no cuticles, there’s no need to worry about directions and ends. That’s true but cuticle-free hair extensions will not last longer than 3 months. They are just a cheaper alternative to Remy hair extensions.

A quick recap

Virgin Remy hair extensions are made of hair that is:

  •    Unprocessed
  •    Untreated
  •    100% human hair
  •    With cuticles in the same direction

Congratulations! You are now ready to buy your brand new hair extensions!

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